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I3DL2ReverbSettings Fields

The I3DL2ReverbSettings type exposes the following members.

Public fieldDecayHFRatio
Ratio of the decay time at high frequencies to the decay time at low frequencies, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DECAYHFRATIO_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DECAYHFRATIO_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DECAYHFRATIO_DEFAULT, or 0.83.
Public fieldDecayTime
Decay time, in seconds, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DECAYTIME_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DECAYTIME_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DECAYTIME_DEFAULT, or 1.49 second.
Public fieldDensity
Modal density in the late reverberation decay, in percent, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DENSITY_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DENSITY_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DENSITY_DEFAULT, or 100.0 percent.
Public fieldDiffusion
Echo density in the late reverberation decay, in percent, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DIFFUSION_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DIFFUSION_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DIFFUSION_DEFAULT, or 100.0 percent.
Public fieldHFReference
Reference high frequency, in hertz, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_HFREFERENCE_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_HFREFERENCE_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_HFREFERENCE_DEFAULT, or 5000.0 Hz.
Public fieldReflections
Attenuation of early reflections relative to lRoom, in mB, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REFLECTIONS_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REFLECTIONS_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REFLECTIONS_DEFAULT, or -2602 mB.
Public fieldReflectionsDelay
Delay time of the first reflection relative to the direct path, in seconds, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REFLECTIONSDELAY_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REFLECTIONSDELAY_DEFAULT. The default value is 0.007 seconds.
Public fieldReverb
Attenuation of late reverberation relative to lRoom, in mB, in the range -from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REVERB_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REVERB_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REVERB_DEFAULT, or 200 mB.
Public fieldReverbDelay
Time limit between the early reflections and the late reverberation relative to the time of the first reflection, in seconds, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REVERBDELAY_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REVERBDELAY_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REVERBDELAY_DEFAULT, or 0.011 seconds.
Public fieldRoom
Attenuation of the room effect, in millibels (mB), in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_ROOM_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_ROOM_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_ROOM_DEFAULT, or -1000 mB.
Public fieldRoomHF
Attenuation of the room high-frequency effect, in mB, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_ROOMHF_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_ROOMHF_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_ROOMHF_DEFAULT, or -100 mB.
Public fieldRoomRolloffFactor
Rolloff factor for the reflected signals, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_ROOMROLLOFFFACTOR_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_ROOMROLLOFFFACTOR_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_ROOMROLLOFFFACTOR_DEFAULT, or 0.0. The rolloff factor for the direct path is controlled by the DirectSound listener.
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