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CompressorSettings Fields

The CompressorSettings type exposes the following members.

Public fieldAttack
Time before compression reaches its full value, in the range from DSFXCOMPRESSOR_ATTACK_MIN to DSFXCOMPRESSOR_ATTACK_MAX. The default value is 10 ms.
Public fieldGain
Output gain of signal after compression, in the range from DSFXCOMPRESSOR_GAIN_MIN to DSFXCOMPRESSOR_GAIN_MAX. The default value is 0 dB.
Public fieldPredelay
Time after lThreshold is reached before attack phase is started, in milliseconds, in the range from DSFXCOMPRESSOR_PREDELAY_MIN to DSFXCOMPRESSOR_PREDELAY_MAX. The default value is 4 ms.
Public fieldRatio
Compression ratio, in the range from DSFXCOMPRESSOR_RATIO_MIN to DSFXCOMPRESSOR_RATIO_MAX. The default value is 3, which means 3:1 compression.
Public fieldRelease
Speed at which compression is stopped after input drops below fThreshold, in the range from DSFXCOMPRESSOR_RELEASE_MIN to DSFXCOMPRESSOR_RELEASE_MAX. The default value is 200 ms.
Public fieldThreshold
Point at which compression begins, in decibels, in the range from DSFXCOMPRESSOR_THRESHOLD_MIN to DSFXCOMPRESSOR_THRESHOLD_MAX. The default value is -20 dB.
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