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ChorusSettings Fields

The ChorusSettings type exposes the following members.

Public fieldDelay
Number of milliseconds the input is delayed before it is played back, in the range from DSFXCHORUS_DELAY_MIN to DSFXCHORUS_DELAY_MAX. The default value is 16 ms.
Public fieldDepth
Percentage by which the delay time is modulated by the low-frequency oscillator, in hundredths of a percentage point. Must be in the range from DSFXCHORUS_DEPTH_MIN through DSFXCHORUS_DEPTH_MAX. The default value is 10.
Public fieldFeedback
Percentage of output signal to feed back into the effect's input, in the range from DSFXCHORUS_FEEDBACK_MIN to DSFXCHORUS_FEEDBACK_MAX. The default value is 25.
Public fieldFrequency
Frequency of the LFO, in the range from DSFXCHORUS_FREQUENCY_MIN to DSFXCHORUS_FREQUENCY_MAX. The default value is 1.1.
Public fieldPhase
Phase differential between left and right LFOs, in the range from DSFXCHORUS_PHASE_MIN through DSFXCHORUS_PHASE_MAX. Possible values are defined as follows.

The default value is DSFXCHORUS_PHASE_90.

Public fieldWaveform
Waveform shape of the LFO. Defined values are DSFXCHORUS_WAVE_TRIANGLE and DSFXCHORUS_WAVE_SIN. By default, the waveform is a sine.
Public fieldWetDryMix
Ratio of wet (processed) signal to dry (unprocessed) signal. Must be in the range from DSFXCHORUS_WETDRYMIX_MIN through DSFXCHORUS_WETDRYMIX_MAX (all wet). The default value is 50.
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