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CaptureEffectDescriptionCaptureEffectInstance Field

Value of type Guid that specifies the unique identifier of the preferred effect. The following standard identifiers are defined.
Value Description
MicrosoftAcousticEchoCancellationCaptureEffectMicrosoft acoustic echo cancellation. Available in software only.
MicrosoftNoiseSuppressionCaptureEffectMicrosoft noise suppression. Available in software only.
SystemAcousticEchoCancellationCaptureEffectSystem default acoustic echo cancellation.
SystemNoiseSuppressionCaptureEffectSystem default noise suppression.

Namespace:  SharpDX.DirectSound
Assembly:  SharpDX.DirectSound (in SharpDX.DirectSound.dll) Version: (3.1.1)
public Guid CaptureEffectInstance

Field Value

Type: Guid
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